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January 6, 2022

Hiring technology talent remotely: Our top tips

Hiring technology talent remotely

If you’re hiring technology talent this year, you might be faced with the prospect of doing it remotely. We know what you might be thinking…

Will I get to know the candidates as well as I would in person?

Can I really determine if someone is right for the company?

In our minds, the most important question you should be asking is ‘Can I make the remote recruitment process streamlined?’ Remember, the first impression candidates will get is based on your recruitment process. The simpler it is, the more you will stand out. Furthermore, it’s about treating the candidates as people first and potential employees second.

So, it might be daunting to think you have to make that great first impression via a video call. The last thing you will want to do is repel a great candidate. Do not fear – as technology recruitment specialists, we are here to give you some tips on hiring technology talent in a remote capacity.

Why is remote recruitment important right now?

Due to the pandemic, we have seen plenty of new technology recruitment trends in Europe. We all know that remote working became the new normal. As a result, expectations of the recruitment process have shifted. It is a big change, but one that you as an employer can take advantage of.

We have seen the capabilities remote recruitment has allowed, including casting your net wider when it comes to a tech talent search. Hiring remotely opens up many doors. You will potentially reach bigger pools of talent across more geographical areas. Furthermore, the rising number of junior tech professionals will certainly be attracted to a company using innovative ways to attract talent.

Tips for hiring remotely

So, where do you start? We understand that many companies and HR departments have a recruitment process in place. Does this translate well to a remote recruitment experience? Here are some tips for you to consider…

Think about each stage of the process

Remote recruitment allows you to be more creative than you might think. The traditional first stage would usually be the telephone interview, which obviously can be done remotely. But, could you invite the first round of candidates to record a short screening video instead? You could send three to five questions for them to answer and decide who progresses to the main interview stage from there.

Outline your process in the job advert

This isn’t usually common practice, especially when conducting face to face interviews. However, you need to make it clear to potential candidates that this will be a remote recruitment process and outline each stage. As mentioned above, there might be different approaches to screening your candidates so they will need to know this from the start.

Promote your culture

In normal circumstances, you will invite candidates to the office which gives them a chance to get a feel for the company. How can you show company culture when you’re not face to face? The answer is simple…get the whole team involved. These are the people the candidate will be working with, so an early introduction is integral to determining the right fit. You could also allow certain team members to lead different aspects of the interview too, so that it becomes an open dialogue.

Transparency is key

If you are hiring remotely, there’s a chance the new employee will be starting the role remotely too. It’s important to be fair to the potential candidates and let them know how remote working operates in your company. It’s also necessary for you, so that you can determine their home office setup and if they are fully equipped to do the job.

Interview tasks

We believe these are an important part of a technology recruitment process. Setting these tasks remotely gives the candidates more time to show what they can do, so don’t forget about them. We recommend doing this in the latter stages of your process, so you can dedicate time to reviewing the final candidates carefully.

Are you hiring technology talent in 2022?

We are dedicated to helping our clients attract top technology talent. It’s looking like a busy year ahead, but we always have time to chat. What’s your technology recruitment strategy for 2022? We can help – get in touch with us today to get the conversation started!

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