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December 8, 2022

Cyber Security Jobs in the USA – the current trends

Cyber Security Jobs in USA

Are Cyber Security Jobs in the USA on the rise? In the last few years, hacking, ransomware, and phishing have been constant threats in the cyber security world. These are challenges that are all too familiar to security specialists, particularly within technology.

Here at Madison Bridge, we work closely with companies to find the best talent in the cyber security space. Following our introduction to the US market, it got us thinking. What will be the key trends for these roles in 2023? Will salaries grow as demand for talent does? Are there key cities in the USA where these roles will flourish? It’s time to find out how cyber security jobs in the USA are expected to grow!

Will US companies prioritise cyber security recruitment?

A recent study showed that by 2025, 60% of companies will be using cyber security risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements. This means many roles within the sector will be in demand. In further statistics, data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statics shows that demand for cyber security jobs like information security analysts will grow by as much as 31 percent over the next ten years.

Looking at these statistics, it is not really that surprising to see this growth. Technology has become a huge part of our lives, both professionally and personally. As a result, cyber security is becoming more vital than ever before.

Cyber security jobs – salaries in the USA

A cyber security career in the USA can take a professional in so many directions. As of December 2022, here are some average salaries for specific cyber security roles…

With generous salaries even in the entry level roles, cyber security is indeed a lucrative space in the USA. As demand grows, it will be interesting to see how competitive salaries will get in order to attract the best talent. We will be watching this space!

The key US cities to watch

Where there is demand, cyber security talent will follow. With so much digital transformations in the USA, there are bound to be some cities that stand out when it comes to cyber security opportunities.

Helping you find cyber security jobs

If you are on the lookout for your next cyber security opportunity, we are here to help. You can explore our latest jobs or submit your CV – we will be in touch to discuss your next career move!