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May 3, 2024

Sweden’s Tech Landscape – Insights from the Expert

View of Stockholm to illustrate Sweden's tech landscape.

Renowned for its leadership in work-life balance, diversity, inclusion and sustainability, Sweden cultivates a vibrant tech landscape. Madison Bridge is here to guide both companies and talents through this thriving industry. Is Sweden your next tech destination? Tune in as Jorden Tenzing, our software and AI expert, specialising in tech recruitment in Sweden, shares invaluable insights into the current state of the Swedish tech job market and how Madison Bridge can be your pathway to success.

What can you tell us about Sweden’s tech landscape?

“Sweden’s commitment to innovation, research, and development, alongside strong government support, has always been notable. However, in recent years, this dedication has truly flourished. A nation that consistently leads the way in crucial areas such as work-life balance, diversity, inclusion, and sustainability, naturally supports this high level of innovation within the tech market. What particularly excites me about Sweden’s tech industry is its fantastic startup ecosystem, which boasts powerhouses like Spotify, Klarna, and Skype.”

Which tech jobs are on the rise in Sweden?

“Tech jobs, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, are undeniably the answer here. It may seem like an obvious response, given the global attention AI has received in recent years. However, all the Nordic regions have consistently demonstrated growth in this field and Sweden has clearly outlined its plans to edge closer to the USA regarding the country’s impact in the world of AI.”

Why choose Madison Bridge?

“This is a very important question. Unfortunately, the recruitment industry often receives negative press due to some poor practices. However, what sets us apart at Madison Bridge (and the reasons I chose to join!) are:

The reason you are most likely considering using a recruitment consultancy is to make the most of your time or to have peace of mind, knowing that you will be working with top talent who not only match the job requirements but also fit well culturally. We aim to cultivate long-term relationships and truly embody these values. We have had fantastic success stories, not only helping amazing candidates land their dream job but also genuinely assisting new companies in opening brand-new locations in new countries. When I say bespoke, I mean it!”

How can Madison Bridge assist clients and candidates with focus on Sweden?

Clients we have worked with primarily focus on start-up and scale-up organisations. We understand that your time is precious and that the biggest challenge in securing top talent is sifting through multiple applications. That’s where we come in! Every candidate is pre-screened, so you can rest assured that we will send you a candidate that we have thoroughly evaluated to ensure they are a great option for you.

For candidates, my colleague Jorge Carneiro said it best: ‘’We prioritize partnering with ethical companies, aligning our reputation with theirs.’’ – We are working with some incredibly exciting and unique companies, especially start-up and scale-up organisations, where your expertise and opinions will truly make a difference. When we contact you to say we have an exciting opportunity, you can trust that we do!”

Ready to enter Sweden’s tech landscape?

If you’re looking for tech jobs in Sweden, head over to our Technology Jobs page for the latest roles. If you want to hire talent, submit a vacancy and we will be in touch to discuss your recruitment needs. It is indeed a growing market, and we are excited to be part of the wonderful IT and technology space of Sweden!