RaaS (Recruitment as a Service)

Welcome to the RaaS model – “Recruitment as a Service”.

It should come as no surprise that in-house recruitment is never simple – rather a constant cycle of headaches, hassle, and inefficiency. Executives may spend weeks creating job postings, marketing open positions, and digging through stacks of CVs just to build a shortlist. Statistics show that in-house recruiters spend, on average, a mere six seconds looking at each CV on the pile. As open positions begin to multiply, hiring managers are faced with the prospect of publishing bare-bones listings that fail to accurately represent job responsibilities.

Clearly, these are not ideal conditions for finding and recruiting top talent, which is where our RaaS model comes in. RaaS is an outsourced recruiting strategy created as an answer to the fast-paced and competitive nature of the modern hiring environment.

The Future of Recruitment:

RaaS shifts the burden of talent acquisition away from hiring executives, and into our hands. We deploy a full-time Senior Account Manager, who works with the business in order to develop personalised strategies for candidate selection. By collaborating with your human resource department, our recruiter learns about the unique features of your business, the kind of company culture you want to create, and which specific positions you need to be filled. We design an ATS system that is branded specifically to your business, with regular reporting.

RaaS Advantages:

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