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October 25, 2022

IT Recruitment in Germany: The most in-demand roles

IT Recruitment in Germany - The top roles

When it comes to IT Recruitment in Germany, our team is certainly seeing the highest demand for tech talent. With generous salaries, innovation and career growth opportunities, tech talent will recognise this market as a key area for career success.

From Berlin to Frankfurt, it truly is a vibrant scene. Start-ups have flourished thanks to great investment, while big brand names continue to call Germany home. With the sector ever-growing, we don’t expect to see a decline in the need for talent to fill tech teams.

The top IT & Tech roles in Germany

2022 has certainly been a big year. We wanted to look at the most defining IT roles in the German market this year, which is likely to continue into 2023!

Software Developer

The continued focus on IT and technology advancement means software developers have many opportunities. In fact, this role is expected to grow 21% by 2028 – this is compared to other roles in Germany with a rate of 5%. Die to the competitive nature of the German market, more companies are investing in the brightest software development talent in Germany.

.NET Developer

It is not surprising to this role on the list. The need for .Net Developers is widespread, with start-ups and big corporations seeking them out. As mentioned, it is a competitive market. As such, experts who can use programming languages to create industry leading software systems are the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Java Developer

As an evergreen programming language, Java is high on the skills list for IT & tech professionals. Leading companies like Amazon, eBay and Facebook use it to maintain their own websites. To stand out, businesses need to create state of the art applications that not only align with their customer base, but perform at a high-level.

DevOps Engineer

For business success, there has to be someone to oversee technology infrastructure and performance. Without it, business processes won’t evolve or improve. Enter DevOps engineers! With a real skill for coding strategies and coding best practices, they can really integrate within a business to help everyone see the importance of impeccable software systems.

Software Engineer

These IT and tech savvy professionals have expertise across many different industries. As a result, these engineers are in high demand within Germany. Creating and maintaining a software development process and life cycle is no easy task. So, German companies will find themselves competing for the very best software engineers in the country.

How can we help your IT recruitment needs in Germany?

Madison Bridge is here to help! Explore our latest IT jobs or submit a vacancy to the team. Make sure you also explore more about our IT & Technology recruitment services in Germany!