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April 3, 2024

In the Spotlight: Discover Algarve Evolution

People creating a rocket, showing the effect of Algarve Evolution on the Algarve region's tech market.

After partnering with Algarve Evolution, we reached out to António Pinto Guerreiro, their Director of Projects & Strategic Partnerships, to delve into the foundation’s mission and initiatives aimed at propelling the tech landscape in the Algarve region in Portugal. Learn more about their impactful projects and contributions and future plans for the Algarve tech community.

What inspired you to start Algarve Evolution?

“Algarve Evolution started back in 2018. As a result of discussions in the early 2010s when Portugal and the Algarve were dealing with the global financial crisis. Recognizing the importance of having a strategic plan driven by tech and innovation, our founders aimed to leverage the potential of the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) sector to boost economic growth in the region.

Initially we focused on helping local businesses go global, showing off the Algarve as more than just a tourist hotspot and highlighting its knowledge-based economy. Today, Algarve Evolution stands as a private non-profit association, uniting over 60 innovative individuals and companies, dedicated to supporting innovation and growth in the Algarve.”

How would you describe the main goals and objectives of Algarve Evolution?

“Algarve Evolution spearheads an initiative to bring about positive change in the region. Our main objective is to accelerate the Algarve’s transformation into a more competitive region through innovation and technology. Despite the challenges, we are committed to supporting entrepreneurship, diversifying industries, and attracting private investment.

Our overall goal is to keep local talent and attract global expertise by offering meaningful opportunities for professional growth. Ultimately, we want to create an environment where high-quality companies thrive and offer competitive salaries. We want to contribute to doubling the number of innovation companies in the Algarve by 2030.”

Can you share some of Algarve Evolution’s key accomplishments?

“Algarve Evolution has played a crucial role in co-founding the Algarve Tech Hub, a collaborative effort with the University of the Algarve (UAlg) and the Algarve STP. Together, we aim to position the region as a global hub for technology and innovation, bringing together academia, public institutions, and the private sectors.

Additionally, Algarve Evolution actively promotes an entrepreneurial culture and supports ecosystem growth. We achieve this through educational programs, mentorship networks, and flagship events like the Algarve Tech Hub Summit. We empower both aspiring and established entrepreneurs, showcase regional innovation, and facilitate connections. These initiatives have impacted thousands, from students to entrepreneurs alike, and will continue to do so in the future.”

Looking ahead, what do you hope to achieve with Algarve Evolution in the coming years?

“Looking ahead, we plan to continue developing the region’s position as an innovation and business hub, empowering future generations, nurturing a thriving business ecosystem, and contributing to the socio-economic well-being of all who call the Algarve home.”

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