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Backend/Fullstack Engineer

About us

We are

a software engineering and consulting company that specializes in digital product and service development for innovation initiatives of enterprise clients.


We value

an inclusive culture that fosters open-minded technical discussions focused on customer value creation.


We believe in:

  • results
  • individual freedom paired with ownership and responsibility
  • taking calculated risks with a bias for action
  • skill combined with good judgement, embracing trade-offs
  • fighting for better solutions, yet being fully committed to deviating decisions
  • lean and agile methodologies (as in manifesto not as in SAFe)
  • technical debt (if it's an investment) and clean code (if it's an investment)


We build

digital services that drive web applications, mobile apps, and consumer devices.


Our stack is:

  • containerized NestJS/TypeScript
  • orchestrated with k3s or AKS
  • deployed to Microsoft Azure
  • with data persisted in MongoDB or PostgreSQL
  • accessed through Cloudflare CDN and Cloudflare workers
  • with JAMStack VueJS web applications



About you

You are

a software developer with an entrepreneurial mindset, good communication skills (German and English) and more than 5 years of professional experience designing and implementing backend services and APIs with TypeScript or JavaScript based technologies.


You know

a lot about web application backends, web- and microservice architectures. You are familiar with details of technologies and protocols involved in client to server and server to server communication flows (DNS, SSL, TLS,


HTTP, HTTP2, HTTP3, Websockets, REST, RPC, JSON, XML), security measures (CORS, HSTS, CSP, CSRF) and authentication methods (Basic, Bearer, Session Cookie, JWT).


Your stack is:

  • Must have (>3 years proven professional experience): NodeJS, TypeScript, Express, Docker, MongoDB, Mongoose, Git
  • Should have: NestJS, k8s, Azure PaaS and SaaS relevant to web services, Linux shell basics
  • Nice to have: Vue.js, Tailwind, OpenAPI, GraphQl, PostgreSQL, CI/CD (Github, GitLab, Azure, bitbucket, drone.io), GitOps (ArgoCD), Azure DevOps, k3s, traefik, Cloudflare, Terraform, Pulumi, Redis, Kafka, ELK- Stack, Prometheus, Loki, Grafana, Deno, Golang



About the position

You perform

assessment and software architecture of planned product features, including the discussion of technical design options and roadmap dependencies with the product stakeholders and other technical participants.

You are comfortable to temporarily assume the perspective of a corporate stakeholder and present technical alternatives so that the product owner can make an informed decision based on your advice.


You implement and own production services. You are able to deliver software based on varying implementation criteria, ranging from a fast throwaway PoC to a mission critical, maintainable, testable, and well documented service. It is part of your role that you advise the clients on implementation tradeoffs based on product innovation, reliability, and maintenance requirements.


You are willing to take on many different tasks in early technical product development, even if they are not part of your core competencies. At the same time, you keep an eye out for limitations and inefficiencies to suggest a different distribution of work if this becomes economically viable.

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